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About Us

Who We Are and Our Mission

“Che Studio” is a group of people, united by the idea of creative space development of our city. We are working for a long time in the spheres of music, design, photography, fine art and mass-media. We work together, complementing each other, with love to Chernihiv and willing to make it creative and bright!
Our main scope of work – quality creative events. Moreover, these events can be very different both in scale and sphere. Festivals, concerts, parties, meetings, exhibitions, competitions and so on. Our goal is to make these events quality and modern. We are all tired of provincialism, mainstream and mass-culture. The world is too interesting, worth paying attention to it!
Over time, our projects have begun to provide some additional socially important content, touching ecological and environmental issues, gender equality, the adaptation of internally displaced persons and so on. We try to make our projects truly interesting and useful for people, filling them with not only creative and entertaining, but also important social aspects.
Almost all of our free projects are free of charge for the visitors. We organize them, involving financial assistance and donations both from ordinary people and from local businesses.
Our main mission is to fill the ancient Chernihiv with some fresh cultural content, create new projects, traditions and create the community of socially active and responsible citizens.
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A bit of history
Back in 2008, a group of enthusiasts joined together for music contest “Sluhai CHE.”
In 2009, the contest took place for the second time, improved and modernized. The finale of the project was the gala concert of the winners, as well as production of licensed CD “Sluhai CHE! – Musical presentation of the city!” We succeeded to unite the best Chernihiv bands in one musical collection.
Over time we came to the consequence, that the city is in dire need of a structure that can get together advanced creative people, capable of organizing high-quality, modern, creative event without officialdom and pathos. We saw that in a lot of talented and interesting musicians, artists, photographers, which would do well to unite for some common projects. On the other hand, in Chernihiv was formed (perhaps, just a new generation is grown :)) a sufficient audience of people in dire need of interesting, creative, non-mainstream events.
In December 2010, the first Chernihiv Jazz Open was held, which from next year got itself the international status. Now it is held each year in September. Over the years, dozens of talented jazz musicians from many countries of Europe and the world took part in the fest. For us, this festival has become an important event and it proved, that in the usual Ukrainian provincial town, great high-quality music festivals can be held! It’s not easy, but possible. We believed in ourselves and moved on.
In 2011, we initiated and successfully produced the first summer multi-festival “Zelena Scena”, whichtook place during May-August period, each Friday at the heart of Chernihiv. This festival has also become an annual event and one that creates contemporary cultural city’s environment.
In 2013, we registered the “Che Studio” organization, legally formalizing our team.
Since 2014 we are producing winter folk festival “Koza.” Usually, it takes place the next weekend after Christmas. And since 2015, during the summer along with “Zelena Scena”, our team holds a new project “Litera” – literary open spaces where anyone can listen to the poetry or prose of modern Ukrainian writers.



Get involved!

We are all in love with Chernihiv and interested in its creative potential. That’s why our team always welcomes everyone who cares. Get in!

We are in need of financial, informational and volunteer support. Always open to collaboration with private persons and organisations. With all questions and proposals please feel free to reach out Oleksandra Fedorenko, the head of “Che Studio”.


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Our Projects

Zelena Scena (Green Stage, if translated from Ukrainian) – is a unique Chernihiv cultural project.
Its mission is simple and, at the same time, complicated – to provide an open and free creative space in our city. It is a place for creative communication, a possibility to present one’s art freely to the great audience, a space to exchange ideas, inspiration. A place to hear each other!
Each Friday, during five month, from May to September, at the heart of Chernihiv, Zelena Scena will be acquainting the guests and residents of our city with young Ukrainian talents – actors, musicians, poets, knights of the brush, photographers and craftsmen. Among the participants of the project – musical bands from Chernihiv along with the bands from all over Ukraine.
Live music, far from grey estrade and mainstream folklore, free and out-of-bounds creativity – is in the focus of our project. It only should be modern and catching.
The main peculiarity of the performances we would call their live acoustic or semi-acoustic sounding and direct affinity with the audience. The rules are simple: no drugs, no alcohol, no smoking! Just freedom, creativity and live communication!
Zelena Scena is and will always be a non-profit, apolitical project. All expenses are handled by Che Studio Creative Agency. We are interested in the development of tourism and creative space in Chernihiv, so we are in constant search of ideas, possibilities and support. Let’s come together! 🙂

Jazz Festival – is a music, first of all.
Chernihiv Jazz Open features smooth and powerful line-up. Professional jazz bands from Ukraine and teams from many countries take part in this event.
Chernihiv Shevchenko Music and Drama Theatre, located at the Central square, is a main stage of the fest, where two concerts are held during two days.
Free concerts of young jazz bands take place in the “Zelena Scena” festival, which is also located nearby the central Red Square of the city at the beginning of the Walk of Heroes. And the true fans of jazz jams in a relaxed atmosphere are invited to the after-party.

The festival takes place in September, the most romantic period of the fall – Indian summer. These days the old Chernihiv with its parks, painted yellow autumn leaves, numerous churches and monasteries looks especially lovely and romantic. In this magical autumn weekend you will get an unforgettable experience not only of great music but also from the cozy and charming Chernihiv. Except, actually, festival information, this site offers advice on supporting tourism infrastructure.
Chernihiv Jazz Open is a big get-together, intertwining impressive power of the audience and talented musicians. Good festival consists of many little things, and we pay them much attention. Sincere thanks to the musicians and spectators from around the world – it is the best appreciation of our work.
During intermission all visitors and festival guests are treated by our food-partners. Light snacks and drinks will add some power and help tune in the jazz wave.
Welcome to the jazz weekend in Chernihiv! See you at the Chernihiv Jazz Open events!

Polissya Folk Tradition “Christmas Koza” is back in ancient Chernihiv.
“Koza” – a new winter festival of folk groups, to be held in Chernihiv – North, princely capital of Ukraine. Time selected is just before the “Malanka” and “St. Basil” – one of the three mandatory Christmas feasts that Ukrainians celebrate.
The main goal of celebration is to convey the beauty of folk traditions to the youth, to recreate certain historical justice and return the ancient tradition of “leading the goat” to modern life. For us, it is crucial to make real, unusual folklore festival, but at the same time modern and efficiently organized.
Viewers will see ancient rituals and Nativity plays, performances by folk groups, traditional choral singing and modern variations on New Year and Christmas themes. And more! Hot sweet tea, mulled wine, delicious holiday dishes, souvenirs from Chernihiv artists and many surprises! Along with the main stage, kid’s area welcomes our young guests!

LITERA – is a project, which purpose is to create an open, free creative space in the historic center of Chernihiv. Event’s format is suitable for presentation of a new literature by contemporary poets and writers, lectures and creative evenings, theater performances, book fair.
LITERA makes it possible to introduce residents and tourists with well-known contemporary poets, writers, cultural, musicians. Young authors have a great chance to show themselves, to be heard, and perhaps find their audience! In addition, the project promotes inter-regional relations, the development of tourism. During the first season (June – August 2015) the project was held by Dmitry Lazutkin, Iryna Shuvalova, Andrei Lyubko, Miroslav Layuk, Oksana Hajiy, Zaza Paualishvili, Christina Halimonova and many other extremely interesting and prominent representatives of modern literary works. LITERA’s second season is to start at June 5, and is expected to be no less intense than the previous one.